Call Overflow Reservation Service

When your front desk or reservation team is busy, sometimes phone calls can be missed and hoteliers know a missed call is a missed opportunity. Perhaps it was an opportunity for new business, or a repeat guest is now calling your competitor. At Intergy we know how important it is for your guests to have prompt assistance from a friendly voice, and you don’t need to sacrifice your on-site guest service to answer every call.

You make the decision when you need assistance and the Intergy team answers the call delivering first-class customer service to your guests. No long hold times, no busy lines, no missed calls, and no missed opportunities. Consider the following scenario:

It is Tuesday afternoon check-in time and your front desk and phone lines are busy…someone, a new or existing guest, is calling to inquire about rates and availability. Instead of being left on hold, or listening to the line ring, the call is redirected to Intergy. Depending on your telephone system calls can be redirected manually or automatically after a selected number of ring tones. One of our agents answers your call with an agreed script, taking the call on your behalf. We provide the service you expect, and your guests deserve. All inquiries are treated with a service level in keeping with the highest regard for your business.

Benefits of Using Intergy's Call Overflow Reservation Service

  • Flexible solutions customized and delivered to meet your needs
  • The voice of a friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced agent
  • Private label messaging and voice reservations personalized to your hotel
  • Sales expertise delivering exceptional conversion rates
  • Track record of success spanning over 10 years in international hotel reservations
  • Call quality monitoring

Intergy will answer the phone whenever you need, so your team can focus on what’s important….your guests.

“Our hotel has been partnering with Intergy for assistance answering overflow, holiday, evening and weekend calls to our reservation line. I have been very pleased and satisfied with the services that have been pervaded. I have found Intergy’s staff to be very positive, professional and thorough. Intergy has always exceeded my expectations.”

Kevin Knott
Director of Reveune
The Washington Court Hotel
(Washington, D.C.)

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